Quran (2:262):

“Those who believe and those who are Jews and Christians, and Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day and do righteous good deeds shall have their reward with their Lord, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.”

Taken from the Holy Book itself, this verse seems to be pretty straightforward at first glance. However looking at it in another context it mentions the word ‘Sabians’.

Who are the Sabians you ask?

Well, Modern Islam describes it as ‘reverts’. But it is very debatable since it almost coincides with the word ‘Sabaeans’ which refers to an ancient religious community that thrived during the life and times of Queen Sheba. There are of course many other interpretations and theories regarding the Sabians, but this is the one that is perhaps closest to it.

So the main conversation that could be a follow-up is that Allah being the Supreme and All-Wise being that He is, gave them opportunity to earn their way into Jannah. Similar to that of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Imagine telling this to the radical jihadists and watch their ears burn. The Holy Quran pairing the Abrahamic religions and the Sabians within the same verse, in the same breath!

To sum it basically, getting to the main point here:

If Islam can allow people of different faiths to be equal in the eye of God, then who are we to point out, cause mischief or hurt people of differents sects, within our religion?

Islam came down for one purpose and that was to lead mankind out of the darkness and into the light. It was a guidance for people of all creed, faith, colour, gender, race…you name it. Over the time with difference in the understanding of texts and the lack of historical evidence has caused a rift within the Ummah. Which should be okay as long as we all follow the same God and live by the same Quran…right?

Well, a lot of people beg to differ, unfortunately. Parents wreak havoc if a Sunni daresay, marries a Shia or vice versa. If a Shia worships in a Sufi mosque if they eat from the same plate and live in complete harmony and promote brotherhood…GOD FORBID.

Our stupid self-righteousness and over zealousness has led to this rift. Men and women cannot marry persons of their choice because of societal distaste of Shias or Sunnis. Each community is convinced that their way, is the right way and each one is convinced that heaven is only promised for them.

Many people will probably contradict my entire argument with the hadith about the 73 sects, one goes to the Paradise and the rest in Hell.


The part about the 73 sects is true in all forms, in accordance with hadith literature, however in Tirmidhi it is confirmed that there is a part of it missing, that adds more context to the hadith. So you see, nothing is really crystal clear and we all are living in complete delusion about either one being superior to the other.

Inter-sect marriages in my opinion, should be encouraged instead of being looked down upon. This encourages better dialogue across the communities and promotes brotherhood, just like what our Prophet s.a.w intended- surprise, surprise! Also a sect should never be a barrier in love. Sunni, Shias or Sufis, its all the same blood, the same bones, the same build, same God, same Prophet, same Quran ….so what’s the problem?

Do the dhamaal, follow the Sunnah and just Love all in all.

Salamz and Peace out.






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