She stands poised and tall on my mantelpiece,

Unruffled by all that’s ever been loved or lost,

Undisturbed by all the wars ever waged.

Eons have passed in sorrow and despair;

Silence has settled itself on my shelf.

But my stately Lady bears it all with serenity.

She has seen hardships like no other-

A token of affection – turned into a symbol of heartbreak,

My lover’s tears contributed to it.


Summer was spent in longing and nostalgia,

Strewn among others , she was perched upon the coffin,

As the last nail was hammered in.

She bloomed midsummer and danced in the Autumn breeze.

Winter came around , and my Lady was encased,

Trapped in a bell-jar for another decade.


And once again, my Lady graces the mantelpiece,

And I continue to gaze at her,

For eons to come.



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