Of Warmongers and Hippies

History has shown us time and time again that pen is mightier than the sword

But we humans , oh we fickle-minded , narcissistic , righteous creatures take it upon ourselves to prove otherwise. We brandish our swords when an opinion is voiced , in bloodshed and oppression we believe and rejoice. We silence the wise and crown the fools , we glorify our lies and abandon the truths.

Our oceans run red with the blood of our brothers , and from the likes of it , we have all dipped our hands into it. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten our little hands. The very hands we use to slaughter and abuse , to point and accuse , to maim and misuse. Mother Earth we have wronged you.

Wars are waged upon melanin as if the colour of my skin or your skin could cause earthquakes and tornados as if I am only measured by how black or brown or white or pink or blue or yellow my skin is ? I ask you is this getting ridiculous? Oh you haven’t seen ridiculous yet my friends

Ridiculous is when our children pay the price over petty fights, ridiculous is when our women are afraid to venture out at night , ridiculous is when the innocent and hapless are forced to pick sides , ridiculous is when in 2016 we still fight for human rights and so it goes.

We have taken the saying ‘Divide and conquer’ to a whole new meaning. Divided by religion , by class , by ethnicity , by caste by nationality and the past . Have we , I ask have we forgotten that we were all birthed through the same folds , entwined by the same rope, constructed of the same bones…

But now?

We’ve resorted to playing ugly games , wrecking havoc , such that would put Ares himself to shame ,  and we’ve got no one to blame but ourselves.

What good can destruction and mayhem possibly bring? What satisfaction can we possibly gain , by killing our brothers and sisters over politics , creed , over questioning , differences , colour and belief?  Where is the humanity we preach to the masses?

They say all is fair in love and war , but in what book of law , do we justify hatred ? In what book of law do we justify such despicable acts?? We don’t.

And that is why I stand here today , hoping to revive the bit of humanity that we possess.

You see I am not asking you to wear the snap chat flower crowns , wear atrocious hippie gear or flash the peace sign , but I am asking you to help me in raising a voice against warmongers and the evil that takes place and perhaps , perhaps, promote the most basic entities of all..


You and I are not cold-hearted. For the all the walls we build and all the emotions we cut off , somewhere deep down , there is a heart buried within , warm and beating. And it may be so to remind us that at the end of all the tirade we are fallible.

I yearn for a day , when we can get along regardless of all our differences , I yearn for knowledge to prevail over ignorance , I yearn for a land where we can raise generations upon generations on the very foundations of love , I yearn for a day when no man is above the other , and I yearn for a day when we can learn to live as brothers , side by side.

May flowers replace the bullets in your guns , may the warmth of your heart, break the barriers you built  and let goodness and compassion pour out like a river that we may bathe in.

Throw caution to the wind and come hither , for you find love in me , you will find love.



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