Slip of tongue

Have you ever noticed how all insults , curses , and swear words are always adjoined with using a female as the basis for it?


Let me make it easier for you.

Words like whore and slut are used universally , but have originally come to describe a wanton woman or a woman who is too ‘out there’. Too promiscuous. Too friendly with men. Too scantily dressed. It could range from anything to anywhere and almost every time it refers to a woman.

Likewise , different languages direct their expletives towards one’s mother or sister. In my own native language ‘Urdu’ , well-versed speakers will recognise the abbreviations such as BC , or MC , regarding the atmosphere and the person. English itself has a lot to say, since colourful words like mother***** or just basically using the finest two words as an answer to almost anything – ‘your mum’ , has made it easier .

While it is profound in many ways , let me ask you all ; why women?

Haven’t we had enough being degraded , stared at  , treated as material goods and now this? Why can’t we use ‘your dad’ , or ‘your brother’ at times? Does it sound too prissy? Too vanilla for you? It’s only fun when we put women in context don’t we?

Is a man’s ego that fragile that its demise in each and every case has to be connected with a woman? Know that I don’t encourage defaming either sex or the use of such words in general , but I want to pose this question. Because I can laugh all I want and call another walking colleague of mine a slut , and maybe even provide some verification for it. But if the same scenario had a male in it , less abusive words are used.

It’s the 21st century and you’d think we got rid of our cavemen mentality. That our males and females are both capable of equal opportunities and deserve equal respect in every field and dare I say daily life. You’d think we got rid of such archaic practices. But every now and then an internet troll has to butt in and use the dreaded ‘xD’ emoticon and bring down ‘whiny feminist women’. Every 14 year old has magically gained the ability to refer to all the annoying women in his life ‘bitches’.

This could go on and on , and it wouldn’t stop here. But someone does need to fix some things here. While we’re at it , do find me the masculine substitutes for ‘whore’ and ‘slut’.

It takes two to tango.

Please and thank you.





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