Elegy for the unsung

My tongue is heavy with words unspoken,

And they taste like honey;

Rich , oozing layers of gold – my words carry weight.

They taste like a thousand stinging nettles,

That encircle in my mouth , again and again.

I am tired of swishing them around.

Like the salty sea , I taste the tears at the back of my throat,

For if they were ever to come out ; my sorrow would speak volumes.

These unmentioned syllables , collect at the roof of my mouth,

For I would wage wars and create havoc , if I were to release them.

And then , there is the silence.

The void which has settled itself at my lips. Unwilling and uncompromising.

Therefore , I speak not , and let this void state all that is unsaid.

My tongue shall remain heavy with words unspoken.






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